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Industrial Services

We drive your quality

An important branch of the company is to provide new drives.
Main goal here is: we provide a solution to your problem,
no matter what brand or type and without restriction of size.
In addition, please include thinking of individual drive components such as AC motors, DC motors, geared motors, medium voltage motors, frequency converters, fans and pumps.
We have further specialized in implementation and turnkey delivery of complete systems.
We're an authorized dealer of the following
LOHER flameproof motors we supply directly from stock in versions non-sparking (Ex-N)
and explosion proof (Ex-D) up to 75 kW.
SIEMENS industrial engines we supply
directly from stock up to 75 kW.
Obviously, larger models of LOHER and SIEMENS are also deliverable after
Logo's Loher, Siemens, Rotor, Bauer, Grizzly, SEW, ATB, VEM
ROTOR is an established name with super-fast delivery times for special models, for example versions with brake, extended shaft, forced cooling.
BAUER geared motors are made in Germany and of top quality. Available in many models
with standard a high operating factor and
many model possibilities.
We also have our own brand: Grizzly Motors.
Under this brand we carry a line of electric
motors and geared motors with a very good
value for money and standard 2 year warranty.
Finally, we have a specialization in SEW
geared motors.
Ask for our competitive prices!

Other information

We repair / overhaul and rewind machines
up to 10,000 Volts and 2,000 kW.
Industrial Services can provide all activities
in the field of drive technology.
The Royal Metal Union is the greatest business
organization for SMEs in the metal industry.
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